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July 30, 2018

“One Night in Bangkok”

Kao-San Road, the popular backpacker night party and meeting place, had also its share of street food, from fragrant pork meat, to many different curries, skewers, pad-thais (stir-fried rice noodles), Som Tam (green papaya salads) and everything in between. For insect tasting I really don’t recommend it, as they’re not fried on site, and mostly taste like “old frying pan”.
January 9, 2016

Can Tho – Vietnam

Apart from the views themselves (one can’t stop feeling inside a Vietnam war film), the highlights were a paper rice (for spring rolls) manufacture, and a “snake farm”, which was nothing more than a snake abattoir, where gigantic pitons were slaughtered and skinned. Environmentalists may find it repulsing, smell wasn’t the best, but the experience was intense. Photos were not allowed, but I silently blind shot from my waist, ending up with some usable ones.
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