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In between paid works and life enjoyment, I've covered some events, festivals, and dives. Have a look at my last adventures through these blog posts.
August 30, 2017

Bullfight – Barrancos (Portugal) 29th August, 2017

People gather on the square mid afternoon, drinking and snacking and chatting about the previous night party or the bulls behaviour in the morning. I wanted to know the names of the “matadors” which were the Colombian Guerrita Chico and the Spanish Fernando Beltran. I didn’t know much, if anything about them, but it wasn’t overly important. Being part of it, and shooting from the inside was my main goal.
August 20, 2013

Bullfight – Samora Correia (Portugal) 19 August 2013

The bullfight happened at night, and ended being a very good show, very emotive, with an awesome performance from Luis Rouxinol, displaying an impeccable technique, commitment and emotion;  some daring “ferros” (spears) from Filipe Gonçalves, sometimes allowing the bull to get too close,  and Sónia Matias.
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