Olympus TG-5 for underwater usage – and how it performs with AOI wet lenses

My girlfriend wanted to buy a camera to start doing underwater photography. She knows almost nothing about photography, and asked me for recommendations. On looking at some friends’ rigs and results, I told her to buy Olympus TG-5 and a housing. It’s one of the cheapest options available so she won’t waste too much money if later decides to quit.

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Nauticam SMC-2 – First impressions

I started using SMC-1 roughly two years ago, on a cropped sensor DSLr camera (Nikon D7100 and 7200, afterwards). Once upgrading to full frame (Nikon D810), I missed that extra range, which allowed me to frame these 2 / 3 mm critters, without need for cropping. However, after making a quick test on land, and  a few dives with it, I realise it wasn’t exactly what I expected. 

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