Do you really want a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k?

6k video requires focus accuracy, stabilisation and low noise to get 6k details. If you can only getting it by shooting in broad day light on top of a sturdy tripod, your options are severely reduced. Will you get 6k colours and details, shooting with this camera in your real-life scenarios?

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Olympus TG-5 for underwater usage – and how it performs with AOI wet lenses

My girlfriend wanted to buy a camera to start doing underwater photography. She knows almost nothing about photography, and asked me for recommendations. On looking at some friends’ rigs and results, I told her to buy Olympus TG-5 and a housing. It’s one of the cheapest options available so she won’t waste too much money if later decides to quit.

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AOI UCL-09 Wetlens (and how it compares to Nauticam SMC-1)

It has uncompromised optical quality, excellent corner sharpness, hardly any fringing or chromatic aberrations on the center, and just slight fringing on the corners, easy to correct on post processing. At this point of perfection...

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Saga Snoot Quick Review

Snooting is mostly removing distracting / unwanted elements, highlighting the theme and subject of an image, so it’s easier to read. As a bonus, in many circumstances, it renders crisper lively colours, as the light isn’t reflected from the background into the subject, but goes straight into it. Underwater, snoots are also a great took for reducing backscatter allowing to shoot in circumstances where normal strobe light would render the images unusable. 

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