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I’m an underwater videographer and photographer, with nearly one decade experience on resort shooting in SouthEast Asia.

In Indonesia, I documented cultures and traditions, while exploring the Indo-Pacific ocean and working with most exclusive resorts. In Thailand, I've attended sports and festivals. Fell in love with Laotian quietness. Caved in Vietnam. Gazed at the underwater bio-diversity in the Philippines. Met the wild beasts in safaris, in Sri Lanka.

Besides underwater shooting and documentary shooting, I've been doing a bit of fashion, product, food, and even weddings and events. As a Getty Images exclusive photographer, my work has been traveling the world, literally, on more than 20 international prestigious lifestyle magazines.

Back in my homeland, I’m bringing the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, around Madeira and Porto Santo, to the world.

Get to know my story...

  • 06.199601

    Art History Degree

    After 4 years studying history and art history, I started to work as a school teacher and contractor. Little did I know about how I'd become a sort of artist.

  • 06.200402

    Masters Degree in African Studies

    At this time I was both an assistant professor and an organic farmer. I wanted to expand my knowledge outside Europe, still focusing on Art, but in relation to ethnology and politics.

  • 11.201203

    PhD in Social History

    That's when my photographer career boosted. As I collected images for the thesis, I also produced merchandising for churches and monuments. Those "models" stand there forever, so it was the perfect chance to try and improve the technique.

  • .09.201404

    Photographer at Nihi - Sumba

    As I immigrated to Indonesia, I found myself as a base leader for the dive centre, and photographer for Nihiwatu (later, Nihi-Sumba). During the following years, I helped building its image, and it was twice chosen as the best hotel in the world.

  • 103.201905

    Owner of Alex Ribeiro Media Productions

    On the following years, I freelanced, improved my video skills, while travelling around SE Asia - to the point I felt confident enough to build my own company in Bali.

  • 103.202106

    Return to Portugal

    Pandemics, and a shift on Indonesian politics, brought me back to Portugal, where I'm moving my company and my studio - this time, in Porto Santo

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