Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia


Sumbanese warrior on a cantering horse entering the passola arena. The passola is a staged fight between tribes on horseback, on which they throw bamboo spears (they used to have steel heads). Now it’s just a show, but before, people used to get injured and even killed. I love the movement, the expression and the colours on this shot, and so did the guys who published on a worlwide newspaper, in 2015.


Now look at the gear on which it was taken. The camera is from 2004, has 6MP and sells now for 70 USD in good condition. Lens is still unbeatable on its class, but it also sells for about 300 USD. All together it’s probably less money than your cellphone, so learn the lesson: being there, shooting and knowing your gear is always better than blindly throwing money on new gear just because…

NIKON D70, NIKON 60MM F/2.8 AF-D MICRO, 1/500, F/6.7, ISO 200

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