Changgu, Bali, Indonesia


An exotic villa in Changgu, Bali, that was on sale and whose owners asked me for a promotion portfolio. The building is big, as seen, and the garden, though still large, didn’t allow a clear front view at enough distance to keep the camera properly levelled. Pool had only one light inside, and there were no others in the garden, apart from the ones in the fence, behind me. This is a sort of “conceptual” design, and the only view who could effectively show it was this one, so I hadn’t many framing options.


To avoid excessive geometry aberration, I had to tilt the camera slightly upwards, and then correct it (though not entirely, to simulate what would be really seen from a viewer standpoint.) So framing is done loosely, since there will be cropping on post. As for the light effect, timing is crucial and no effect can replace it (though I used HDR, for a more “lively” result). It’s done right after sunset, when the ambient light intensity matches the interior light – so, not only you can see through the living room, but also the reflexes on the swimming pool, replacing the absent electrical lamps. Whichever light reading mode you choose, you always add +1 EV stop to pretend it was done earlier and the electric light is stronger.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4, F/8, ISO 100, HDR

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