POOL AREACanggu, Bali, Indonesia


A classic early evening shot from a really cozy villa in Canggu. (Wish it was mine…) You should see something similar in every real estate catalog, in the area, and it is a must do. Transparent waters and see through view. Once you master the technique, they’re fairly easy to pull out and sometimes, you don’t even need to use HDR (though I often do, for safety).


I can’t stress it enough: Timing is critical here. Come early and the interiors look dull. Come later and all the rest is blue. So, plan before you start the shooting session. Some rooms will work with daylight. Some only in the night. Exteriors will be around sunset. Ask to turn the pool’s circulation water pump off, in advance. The long exposure will render the water transparent, providing there is light inside. You can use the wide angle corner distortion in your favour to enlarge the pool, as I did in here, placing it in one corner of the frame. A good polarising filter can also help to choose the amount of desired reflection, and extend the shutter speed (which helps when the breeze stirs the water surface). A neutral graduated filter can also help on darkening the sky a bit, if your best view is facing West.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, F/11, ISO 250, HDR

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