Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia


If you ever go to Angkor, don’t follow the crowds into the sunrise and sunset main destinations. They’re over crowded and they suck – and even if you succeed on getting a nice shot, it will be just like everybody else’s. Download one from the Internet, if you like, and use your time to find your own sunset – there are endless spots to choose from. This is just the canal that you’ll find between Angkor and Bayon.


Sun sets in the middle of the left margin so I took it from the right side of the bridge (you can also climb the nearby wall from the inside). Use matrix metering and / or overexpose a bit. Thinking on the image, afterwards, I could have gone for slighter less aperture (f/8, maybe), and drop the speed until 1/5, even hand holding the camera. Anyway, it’s not, overall, bad.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, 1/15, F/5.6, ISO 160

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