SUNDAY WALKNeak Pean, Siem Reap, Cambodia


I was trying to get some ducks with a tele, when I saw this lady. It’s one character you cannot avoid thinking about: why on earth would somebody dress like that for a dusty walk on Angkor Area? It’s the dress colour, the hat, the belt, the golden bag… It’s everything. I believe she should be from Southeast Asia, married to a semi-wealthy french guy (she spoke french), and wanted all the world to know about such an achievement. That probably happened as she got pregnant to the kid she was forcing to pose in there – though he was not very keen on being displayed as a trophy.


The argument lasted long enough for me to swich lens, grab the strobe and shoot (I was quick, though). I still had the time do tilt the head up, pull out the diffuser, set manual ISO, underexpose just a bit to get the blue sky, and focus. Sometimes, speed matters.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, NIKON SB-900, 1/320, F/8, ISO 100

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