Again, testing new gear – a tripod, and a new set of filters, including a circular polariser and a graduated neutral density. They were recently bought and needed to be tested on the spot before I left the country. Here I wasn’t using filters because the circumstances “required” it, but tried to find suitable circumstances to use them. This urban scape with plenty of water and mirrors seemed adequate.


The polariser ended up being used to increase the reflections instead of reducing them, as it would be normal. The ND Grad, was a little too smooth on the transition, which ended up being good since it didn’t darken the skyscrapers too much, but still lowered the highlights in the sky pretty decently. They are good pieces of gear, though a little “blueish”, – don’t take away sharpness (one of the main reasons I was using f/11) and overall do their job. I had the bonus of the woman passing by – she’s not sharp at 1/50, but brakes the monotony of whe wooden walk.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, NISI POLARIZER, NISI ND GRAD .9, 1/50, F/11, ISO 110

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