BEACH BAR CHILL OUTSeminyak, Bali, Indonesia


After staying nearby for some weeks, I thought on getting this bar’s vibe. Sunset has always magnificent colours, the parasols and decoration are beautiful and I wanted to get it all (except the music).


It´s a challenging shot since it must be done in really low light, to make the parasol colours pop. Framing is also critical: there is no elevated spot where to stand. So, I used a monopod to hold the camera high, and a remote unit to trigger. I prefocused in advance and then set live view for a rough notion of where I was pointing at. VR helps on dealing with low speeds handheld (I can usually get sharp images at 1/4 sec with this lens) but on a top of a pole, held at chest level, I couldn’t dare to be so ambitious, so I went for 1/15. My lens sample isn’t usually sharp wide open, so I stopped down just a bit (though it probably didn’t matter on such a hight ISO). Fortunately, the D810 does an awesome job on low light. The grain was then removed on post.

NIKON D810, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, 1/15 SEC, F/4.5, ISO 7200

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