Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia


The “royal suite” in the resort. Big, facing the sea. It’s ment to be lived in, not to be pictured. If you’re in the bed, you have a lovely view, right after the sofa and the big balcony. You cannot get it all in one frame and, if you try, you’ll end up with a lot of empty spaces. Sofa, bed linen and cushions are in this pale blue, which would’t match sunset orange colours – so I went for a daylight shot.


Hard, very hard: horizontal and vertical lines, so tripod leveling is mandatory. This leaves you with few framing options. You have the canopy posts in the middle so, regardless of the lens you’re using, you need to keep your distance, to make them look smaller in the frame (which also helps in depth of field). I had to go outside and shoot through an open door in the balcony. Now the light: the room is too big and has too many objects to use flashes (which would cast shadows on weird places. So, ambient light only, meaning turning all the lights on and do HDR (7 frames in total, since the exterior light was strong and harsh). Processing was a long process, which eventually led to satisfactory results.

NIKON D7200, NIKON 16-35MM F/4 VR, F/10, ISO 100, HDR

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