Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia


Seeing a turtle release through the eyes… of the turtle! That was my idea – getting into the deep ocean and saying goodbye to the resort and its guests.


Split shots are always hard to get, and this one was even harder. I tried on different approaches, with and without flashlights, different depths and distances to shore until I got it right. For this one, I stood in water around 1 meter depth, zoomed at 10mm, and waited for the turtles to come. When they did, picked one, put the dome as close as possible (like 1 cm close) trying not to interfere with its trajectory, as I wanted the swimming and breathing to be realistic. Then it was just raising the dome halfway and burst shooting, sort of blindly. Did if with a few turtles until I got one or two keepers. Aperture was way past the diffraction limit as I needed focus at both ends (close end and near infinite). I pre-focused in advance. Speed needed to be fast, since the sea was not at all calm (It’s a surf destination!!). Ended up with a very high ISO, and a slightly overexposed outside, both of which I had to deal with later on post.

NIKON D7100, TOKINA FISHEYE 10-17 F/3.5-4.5 DX, 1/640, F/18, ISO 1800

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