woman swimming underwater

, Sumba, Indonesia


The FAD (Fish Attracting Device) is the bamboo float you can see on the right. It says over 1000m of water, tied to the bottom. Small fish take shelter under it, attracting the big ones, and creating a small ecosystem. Tunas, wahoos, sharks and even whalesharks can be seen around it. I wanted so show the experince of snorkeling in the blue, and took the chance when a guest was diving under it.


Water was crystal clear and I was over conservative on speed (which I could had maybe dropped until 1/60) to avoid the drag effect. Also a bit less aperture would have improved the corners. Anyway, my main concern, back then, was not to miss the unique, unstaged, moment.

NIKON D7100, TOKINA FISHEYE 10-17 F/3.5-4.5 DX, 1/250, F/9.5, ISO 400

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